Turn international tax and
transfer pricing from
necessity to opportunity

Is your company or organization operating across borders? Do you have affiliated companies or establishments in at least one other country?

In that case international tax, and transfer pricing in particular, is becoming increasingly important for you.

Turn the legal obligations into an opportunity to future-proof your tax policy and improve your effective tax rate. Prevent paying double taxes and make sure your tax policy is in line with your business strategy.

We are your go-to partner to advise, support and relieve you from any (compliance) burden concerning transfer pricing and international tax.

The importance and complexity of transfer pricing and international tax is ever increasing

Transfer pricing is everywhere. The same goes for substance requirements and the need for fair taxation. For enterprises operating in various countries, it is a genuine challenge to keep up with all relevant guidelines, legislation and jurisprudence in this field. However, it has never been more important to have a sustainable tax and transfer pricing strategy at group level in order to avoid reputational damage and potential grim effects in case of tax audits.

What can we do for you?
Almost everything


We will have a look at your current operational set-up, your organizational structure, the flow of goods and services, your value chain, and so on.

With our functional analysis as a starting point, we will work out how to (re)model your current policy into a compliant, optimized, and sustainable tax model.

We help you carry out all needed changes to align your tax and, more specifically, your transfer pricing policies with business needs. From benchmark analyses and legal agreements to invoicing processes, requesting relevant tax certificates, and calculating EBIT percentages: we support you through the entire process.

Moreover when looking for upfront certainty, we help you work out and submit your ruling application with the tax authorities.

Once everything is implemented, we assist you in drafting all necessary documentations, local and/or master files, and/or a substantiated overall transfer pricing policy, including a potential defense file for past transactions. If you so desire, we will take all these burdens completely out of your hands. That way, you are well prepared for future audits.

Once you meet certain thresholds (e.g., in terms of revenue or workforce), you are legally required to prepare and submit some of these documents. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

After everything is implemented and documented, it is in your advantage to keep your transfer pricing policy and your documentation up to date. We follow up annually, assist you when you are confronted with changes or audits, and are your go-to partner for all other questions, tasks and advice.

For several years the international tax and transfer pricing framework, both at European and OECD level, has been developing at an unprecedented pace and attracts increased attention from public opinion. Hence, companies are increasingly required to be transparent about their international operations and tax policies. In addition, tax authorities pay more attention to the subject in their audits, demanding you to be at least compliant with the complex set of applicable rules.

Our experts are ready to help navigate your company through this treacherous terrain and assist you in finding the right balance between paying your fair share of taxes while ‘putting business first’. We closely monitor international developments and guide companies in assessing the tax and transfer pricing impact of business decisions.

Since international tax and transfer pricing go hand in hand, our experts unite when developing an optimal tax model for your company.

Take international tax developments and transfer pricing into account when you are...

  • A multinational company with cross-border transactions
  • Dealing with intellectual property and/or paying royalties
  • Starting new activities or businesses abroad
  • Structured with holding companies, management or investment vehicles
  • Faced with (transfer pricing) audits
  • Looking to apply R&D (tax) incentives in line with international standards
  • Having structural tax losses

As a multidisciplinary advisory firm, we look beyond transfer pricing and also consider aspects such as valuations, business controlling, VAT, general tax advice, innovation, legal, … by working closely together with our in-house specialized teams. Let’s look at your bigger picture and ensure that everything is in tune.

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